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Positioned amid the bustling city life, Daan Regency offers an impeccable experience for our tenants by providing a serene stay devoid of the hustles of city life. You can relish the spectacular vista of the extensive city with your family or friends with a cosy stay appreciated by the picturesque environment surrounding it. The elegant, cosy and warm interiors rejuvenate the thoughts of the tenants, helping them relieve from their swamped workaholic life and have a break and escape into the freedom of refinement. No matter what the purpose of your occupancy, whether it is a business trip or a family staycation or a friends' gathering, Daan Regency is here to red-letter your visit by providing you with the most desirable facilities that you will always cherish throughout your life and would prompt you to visit this cosy space often. The ambience that we provide at Daan Regency has acclaimed great acknowledgement for the care taken into designing every detail with utmost precision that allows the tenants to be at complete ease and serenity during the stay, thanks to our interior designers and architects. you, our designers went to great lengths to live up to this claim.You’ll notice it the instant you walk in – the attention to detail and the effort we made to meet your needs and requirements.Starting from the comfortable king-size bed to the spacious walk-in closet, to the tiled bathroom with separate shower area.24 hour reception, dental kit and slippers upon your request, the daily newspaper at your door – we don’t want you to lack anything. And although it is my job as a hotel room to make sleeping and getting comfortable and pleasant,We did not neglect the other functions of a modern hotel room either.I also have a modern work area with free basic internet access and a comfortable armchair to reflect on.And fresh fruit, mineral water and coffee and tea facilities provide you with energy. Please come in. We are thrilled to have you as our guest!”

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